today $15
instead of $20
3-days online Marathon
a Wish!
I want!
promotion until April 15
Access to video tutorials immediately after payment.
Marathon videos are available for 60 days!
About the Marathon
Are your wishes being fulfilled?
Try a new method of art practice Neuro graphics.
3 proprietary algorithms of Neuro graphics to work with your Desire.
And also get Bonus techniques
of the fourth day.
Who will be interested in this?
Do you want to model your reality
Look for yourself and want to look
into the depths of your subconscious
Do you want to try new techniques
of creative realization
Do you want to unleash your potential
Do you dream of decorating your life with new colors
Do you want to get more pleasure from life
Author and presenter
of the Marathon
Alevtina Bublikova
  • Neuro Graphics Instructor
  • Aesthetic Coach
  • Neuro Graphics specialist for working with children
  • Supervisor of the Pavel Piskarev Institute of Psychology and Creativity
  • Color therapist-consultant of Aura-Soma system
  • Author of marathons and courses of Neuro graphics
  • Founder of the Neuro Azbuka online school
For the Marathon
you will need:
  • Paper.
  • Liners, markers.
  • Colored pencils or text separators.
  • A Cherished Wish.
  • Good mood.
What will you get at the Marathon:
Master the basic skills of Neuro graphics.
Eliminate the obstacles that prevent the fulfillment of your Desire.
Try on your Desire in the moment here and now.
To fill the Desire with energy for realization.
Get feedback on your drawings.
Bonus webinar on wish fulfillment for everyone who completes the tasks.
You don't need to be an artist to draw Neuro graphics.
Let your Wish
come true!

Today it's only $15
instead of $20

I want!
Everyone gets it!
Register now and get feedback
on your drawings as a gift!